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attention norhoff peeps:

if we truly wish to prepare for the ap test, we must have finished through chapter 22 by april, and Nakao reccomends doing so by spring break, as to have time for review. At the current pace of the class, by april we'll be on like... chapter 12 or something. This is probably a good thing, since many people in the class did not want to take the true AP class.

Thus, i and those who want to at least make a concerted effort to pass the AP exam must complete chapters at a rate of a little more than one for every two weeks. To do so would be an astonishing accomplishment; giving us college credits, massive respect form Sidhu and Nakao, most likely a jaw-dropping amount of extra credit, and the ultimate knowledge that we TRULY EARNED the extra grade point...

What i need to know is whether any of you want to join me, and turn this community into an online course, turn weekend time into study sessions, and turn your mind into a well-greased omnipotent energy being +1, or not.

Because i'm absolutely fine with sitting in my room, late at night, in my underwear, doing calculations on my whiteboards, alone.

good conceptual question that i like, simple, but is the EXACT SAME PROCESS used to determne how one will solve a chemistry problem(unlike memorising percent to mass... blahdeeblah, which is the same as me memorising the tetris song and saying i can play the piano):

A 18 gallon gas tank is refilled at a rate of g gallons per s seconds. How long will it take to be filled?
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