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what you need from this chapter before moving onto oxidation reduction shiz

if you can do this, i reccomend moving onto the oxidation-reduction stuff.

20 cubic centimeters of 2M Sulfuric Acid(aq) + 15ml of 3M Sodium Hydroxide(aq) = Sodium Sulfate and Water

how many grams of water will this create? Will the sodium sulfate precipitate out of the solution as a solid? If so, use the yeild of water to calculate how many grams of this salt will form.

If you need to review or need hints, they are below:
1. Sulfuric acid is aqueous hydrogen sulfate.
2. Sulfuric acid is a polyprotic acid yeilding two hydrogen ions, and is a strong electrolyte, sodium hydroxide is also a strong electrolyte, thus they both ionize(disassociate) completely in water.
3. Molarity= moles of solute per liter of solution
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