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AP Chem or Bust!

You want i should help you?

AP Chemistry help, and preparation for AP test.
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This community is for people who want more info about chemistry, whether the stuff in class, the stuff on the AP test, or stuff that isn't really on either. It will exist in the form of teaching entries(by me, or anyone) and question entries.

The goal of this community is to ensure that we all enjoy chemistry, we all get those sweet extra GPA points, answer any chemistry questions someone might have, and later we'll adress the whole AP test thing.

1. Chemistry is not a vast library of information to be memorised. It is based on understanding and context. Don't try to memorise chemistry, it won't help and you'll merely frustrate yourself. This community is about understanding chemistry, not memorising it. If you don;t understand something, I am glad to help.
2. I/We will help you on problems from homework, I/We will not "check all your answers."
3. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, this thing would quickly become useless if it was only a study guide.
4. I'll only answer questions on dangerous materials if i know you. (the funny thing is, you think i'm joking, but chemistry forums get little twelve year olds who want to blow stuff up all the time.)